Problems with new version of Googles Chrome browser

We noticed some major problems by using the browser “Chrome” from Google in his actual version on . Many forms can not be submitted. We are very sorry for this and trying to find the reason as soon as possible.

In this blog and via Twitter we will keep you up to date. Until this we recommend to use the browser Firefox (available in different languages and for free) .

Again – we are sorry for this. With special regards to the user Phil

yours team

[UPDATE + 62min]

This issue was solved. To our users with Google’s chrome: Thank you very much for your patience.

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  2. Posted by Phil on October 26, 2009 at 6:38 am

    Hi BeLodged Team !
    Yes it works now with Google Chrome !
    (it takes few minutes before the “Preview” can be seen with the new pix)
    except for the “accommodation pix” which can’t be uploaded !
    Anyway I switched to Firefox to upload it but the system refused pix >200 Kb then refused again cuz >640×400 …. ANNOYING system ! Do u think busy common user will take time to crop his pictureS ?
    Look at Facebook, no need to crop each pix.

    My Search by map : Why Taiwan can not be selected ? (U should not put Taiwan with China if u change the map)

    Thx to all ur job, not easy to maintain a big website



  3. Hi Phil,

    thx for your feedback! @PhotoSize: Facebook has thousands of server, Millions of Dollars, and Billions of photos – so they do not have to take care about memory ;o). But we will check in the next days if we can recalculate the settings. And yes – we will check Taiwan / China too ,O)

    thx again and best regards
    yours team


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