Added the Provinces of Cuba, Dominican Republic and El Salvador in the database

Provinces of Cuba

Administratively, Cuba is divided into 14 provinces and 1 special municipality.
From west to east, Cuba‘s provinces are:

1. Pinar del Río
2. La Habana
3. Ciudad de La Habana
4. Matanzas
5. Cienfuegos
6. Villa Clara
7. Sancti Spíritus
8. Ciego de Ávila
9. Camagüey
10. Las Tunas
11. Granma
12. Holguín
13. Santiago de Cuba
14. Guantánamo

Cuba‘s “special municipality” is the Isla de la Juventud (“Island of Youth”) (formerly Isla de Pinos (“Isle of Pines”)) and previously as “Evangelista”, “Isle of Santiago” and “Isle of Parrots”.


Geographic Regions of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is divided into 3 Geographic Regions and then is divided into 9 Sub Geographic Regions. When the country was going to be independent, the regions were the ancient provinces.

Sub Regions:
Cibao Oriental
Cibao Norcentral
Cibao Central
Cibao Occidental
El Valle


Departments and municipalities of El Salvador

El Salvador is divided into 14 departments (departamentos), which, in turn, are subdivided into 262 municipalities (municipios).
Department names and abbreviations for the 14 Salvadoran Departments:

1. AH Ahuachapán
2. CA Cabañas
3. CH Chalatenango
4. CU Cuscatlán
5. LI La Libertad
6. PA La Paz
7. UN La Unión
8. MO Morazán
9. SM San Miguel
10. SS San Salvador
11. SV San Vicente
12. SA Santa Ana
13. SO Sonsonate
14. US Usulután

Source: Wikipedia 2009

One response to this post.

  1. Before 1976, Cuba was divided into these provinces:
    Camagüey (before 1899, “Puerto Príncipe”), contained the present day provinces of Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila
    La Habana, contained the present day province of La Habana and included the city of Havana
    Las Villas (before 1940, “Santa Clara”), contained the present day provinces of Cienfuegos, Villa Clara and Sancti Spíritus
    Pinar del Río
    Oriente (before 1905, “Santiago de Cuba”), contained the present day provinces of Las Tunas, Granma, Holguín, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo


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