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Note from development: blog is online again – now folks: start editing again ,O)

Added the Provinces of Cuba, Dominican Republic and El Salvador in the database

Provinces of Cuba

Administratively, Cuba is divided into 14 provinces and 1 special municipality.
From west to east, Cuba‘s provinces are: Continue reading

Locations in the travel discussion boards

Thanks to a proposal made by member “mikky mouth” we added a small new feature to the travel discussion boards on Next to user name and picture on each article there is from now on the author’s country displayed as well…

In addition please watch further features shown in the screen shots below!

If you have any other idea for improving the portal then come forward with a proposal by sending an e-mail or – even better – just leave a message on the discussion boards in the  member area of

We would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Daylight saving time (DST) / summer time around the world in 2009

Many locations in the world set their clocks on Sunday, 25th October 2009 from 3am (03:00) to 2am (02:00) in their local times when they begin daylight saving time (DST). So the night is 1 hour longer! Don’t miss it ;-) !

The list below shows an (incomplete) overview over countries that plan to observe DST (also called summer time. When DST is not observed, it is called STANDARD TIME, NORMAL TIME or WINTER TIME) during 2009. Continue reading

SOLVED: Problems with new version of Googles Chrome browser

We solved the issue posted an hour before with the browser Chrome by Google. Thank you very much for your patience.

Problems with new version of Googles Chrome browser

We noticed some major problems by using the browser “Chrome” from Google in his actual version on . Many forms can not be submitted. We are very sorry for this and trying to find the reason as soon as possible.

In this blog and via Twitter we will keep you up to date. Until this we recommend to use the browser Firefox (available in different languages and for free) .

Again – we are sorry for this. With special regards to the user Phil

yours team

[UPDATE + 62min]

This issue was solved. To our users with Google’s chrome: Thank you very much for your patience.

Removed inactive members

The worldwide free accommodations on are based on the activity of all members. So we remove inactive members (who did not activate the “absence”-function”) on a regular basis.  Today we deleted another 87 members.

For all others: It’s fun seeing the community growing up. Hope to see you soon somewhere in this world ;o).


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